Yoyo Aerospace system introduces our Workshop series
various subjects with extensive hands-on training
Aerospace, Open-source system, renewable resources....


Yoyo Aerospace enables flyer to buy equipment whether it is for beginners, intermediates or for advanced pilots. We provide both economical as well as advanced systems to our clients helping them focus on what they do best..

Automation Systems

YOYO Automation Division Specializes in cost effective Solutions in Industrial Robots and Automation System for Smoother Scalling and Economic Benefits


Open Source Products

Our store is equipped with competitively priced open source hardware flight control systems.

UAV Flight Training and Workshops

We offer UAV flight training and workshops on UAV for enthusiasts and students.

Quadcopter Kits

You can buy ready to assemble state of the art Quadcopter kits at our store.

Automation systems

We offer cost effective industrial line robotic control and automation solutions.