Yoyo Aerospace Division develops UAV systems for both industrial and research institutions. We are currently with over 3 companies for developing UAV solutions for their industries. We have multiple UAV solutions from fixed wing to rotary wing platforms. We specialize in actively stabilized platform for aerial surveillance.We are currently working with stabilized platforms for multi-rotors for aerial surveillance.

Our Skills include:

Aerospace Systems

  • UAV structures
    • Wing and Aerofoil design
    • Fuselage Design and Assemblies
    • Landing Gear Systems
    • Actuation systems
  • UAV training
    • Simulator Training Systems
    • Live Training systems
    • Autopilot simulations
  • UAV Flight test
    • Live flight test of our systems
    • Integrated simulated condition testing
  • Propulsion systems
    • Electric
    • IC Engine systems
    • Turbines and Jets
    • Unconventional systems
  • UAV Automation and controls
    • Autopilot systems
    • Assisted systems
    • Manual control and FPV based systems


Aerial Shots :

Our Clientèle

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